Modernization Of The Modern Western World

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The bustling cities of Western Europe, the hyper-efficient sweat shops of central China, and the international military dominance of the United States all showcase the modernization and advancement of a once-uncivilized, undeveloped, and unconnected global community. Social, economic, political, and intellectual progress sowed the seeds of transformation that led to the development of the modern Western world. This modern West that we know today exists solely as the product of centuries of change and development. Undoubtedly, the beginning of the modernization of the West can be traced to the scientific revolution. A period of scientific advances in the areas of math, astronomy, and physics, the scientific revolution sought to bridge the gap between the physical and metaphysical. During this era, the Catholic Church held authority over the masses of illiterate and uneducated commoners. The Church, because of its central role in everyday life, controlled the development science and secular knowledge. However, the scientific revolution began to undermine the authority and long-held beliefs of the Church. Rene Descartes, Galileo Galilei, Frances Bacon, Sir Isaac Newton, and countless others fundamentally changed the way that humans viewed the physical world . Reasoning and logic began to triumph over emotion and whim. The stars moved across the night sky according to Newton’s laws of physics, not according to the whims of gods. Deductive reasoning solved real-world issues…
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