Modernization Theory And The Theories Of Modernization Theory

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Modernization theory represents the mixture of sociology theories within societies. It mainly reflects the traditional views of society and highlight the internal factors of a country and development (Bernstein, 1971). From the 18th century, it englight the individual ideas of modernism the civilians living in the society. Whereas, the social changes were brought in revolution to change the view and standards of living with the concept of functionalism, which focuses on interdependence (Tétreault & Abel, 1986). It is stated by the French philosopher Marquies de Condorcet, who bought a new division of technology development and changes in the society.
Modernization theory argues that poor nations can change their status by increasing their economic growth and adopting changes in as far as their beliefs, values and attitudes towards work are concerned.
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Dependency theory was arose in the response of modernization that where wealthy states are growing quickly, on the other hand underdeveloped states still need some progress in the society (Seers, 1981). Therefore, dependency theory brought a new concept to provide basic needs of poor nations such as labor, markets, natural resources, etc.
Researcher highlighted, modernization has been the most dominant theory in societies and political sector (Mihalache, 2007). Modernization theory faces criticism in the shape of dependency theory because of the underdeveloped states were suffering and modernization theorist was focusing on the development literature by neglecting the poor nations (Seers, 1981). The primary function of modernization theory is to ensure an optimal framework for the proper governance of
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