Modest Proposal: Argument for Same Sex Marriages

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A modest proposal: Same sex-marriage Recently, there has been a great deal of debate over the issue of same-sex marriage in the media. Conservatives have championed the point-of-view that somehow extending the same rights to gays and lesbians as heterosexuals will cheapen the institution of marriage. However, conceding this point temporarily to the side of might ask...why not make ALL types of marriage illegal that could potentially foster a lack of respect for marriage? First and foremost, all reality television stars would have to be barred from getting married in perpetuity. Every contract with a reality star would have to read: "the signature below confirms that you may never enter the union of matrimony with another human being EVER so long as you shall live." Consider the evidence: Kim Kardashian's five-minute wedding, the Bachelor and the Bachelorette television shows that present marriage not as a sacred decision of love but a survival-of-the prettiest competition; and the debacle of Jon and Kate Plus Eight, in which an family with a brood of children put themselves on display, with unknown psychological consequences to their offspring. Of course, opponents of this law might contend that some reality TV stars might have marriages that last longer than a commercial break and love their spouses. However, these marriages are so few and far between, surely the social good of banning such unions outweighs the rights of a few, exceptional individuals
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