Modification Of Host Behavior By Parasites

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Modification of Host Behavior by Parasites Two fundamental principals are capable of explaining the entire field of biology and it can be said that every living organism operates by these two principals. Whether it be the most basic single celled prokaryotes who dwell in the boiling hot waters of hydrothermal vents or the most highly evolved of the animal kingdom, Homo sapiens, whose brain is so complex that it seems to exist almost as a microcosm of our own universe, all are driven by the same two motivations. First, and by far the most important, is sex. Everything must have sex. Reproduction, whether sexual or asexual, and procreation are the highest priorities of any organism and the continued existence of life on this Earth depends upon on this achievement. Secondly, and significantly less important than reproduction is survival. It may seem humorous to entertain the idea that a sexual (or asexual) experience could possibly be of greater concern to an organism than the preservation of its own life, but it is not entirely absurd. Only completion of the former allows for a species, and essentially life as a whole, to progress and evolve, while completion of the latter does not. Survival without reproduction has no purpose. Indeed, it could be argued that longevity serves the only purpose of facilitating the occurrence of more reproductive opportunities before the inevitable death of the organism. As every organism contained within the millions and millions of
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