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Module 1 Assignment Case #1 1. What should Rani Pharmaceuticals do? Rani Pharmaceuticals should act in the best interest of their loyal customers as well as their own. By sending out the next quarterly newsletter with additional information on the Soothing Waters Hot Tubs and Spas, and allow the consumers to decide if they would like to receive further more information. 2. Does the AMA Statement of Ethics address using customer information by multiple divisions of the same company in its Statement of Ethics? Go to and review the code. Then, write a brief paragraph on how the AMA Statement of Ethics relates to Rani Pharmaceutical’s dilemma. The AMA doesn’t say that in those exact words but it does…show more content…
A place where people are going to continue spending outrageous numbers of dollars for many years to come. If they can continue to impress the consumers with new unique experiences, people will continue to go. External (T)hreats: Cost to attend these shows are high, and with a declining economy tickets can get harder and harder to sell. 2. List and describe three keys to Cirque du Soleil’s competitive advantage. 1. They have a product and service differentiation advantage because they consistently bring a one of a kind experience like you’ve never seen before. 2. They have a very large budget that is backed by hotel and casinos. 3. They are located in one of the biggest tourist spots in the country. 3. Explain how Cirque du Soleil implements, evaluates, and controls the elements of its marketing plan? Cirque du Soleil has a large building that is the home of Cirque du Soleil where all the training is done to ensure that members are ready to perform at a high level of proficiency. They have expanded from Vegas and gone international as well as T.V. That makes it possible for people to see the show from almost anywhere in the U.S. The production does cost a lot of money to begin but they have a big budget to help. Case #3 1. Describe the technological, social, and political factors acting on the video game industry. Some of the environmental forces that influence the video game industry included technological,
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