Module 1– Case Mgt 501 Management and Organization Behavior

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Module 1– Case MGT 501 Management and Organization Behavior 14 January 2013 “Culture is defined as the collective mental programming of the human mind which distinguishes one group of people from another. Statements about culture do not describe “reality”; they are all general and relative”. So depending on the person, everyone see things in a different view. According to the case study the question is asked: How does culture and environment affect institutions and their management? I will define the problem of what went wrong during Ms. Myers tenure from my point of view. I will explain the problem Ms. Myers is encountering using Hofstede's five dimensions of culture to compare Korean and American assumptions about interpersonal…show more content…
Short Term Orientation again is not an issue in Korea because Koreans are loyal to their employers. Since Myers was a Westerner, the Koreans knew she would not be there forever, that her tenure was going to a few years at best. Due to the fact that Ms Myers was a Westerner she should have known that there was going to be issues with such a big transfer. There are several things that could have been done that would have alleviate some of the tension on what Myers felt and would of help ease the apprehension that the other employees felt throughout her tenure at SK Telecom. The first thing that should of happen upon Ms Myers accepting the job offer is SK Telecom should of giving her an comprehensive company package. This package would have detailed her job description, relevant information pertaining to the company, the company’s policies and a brief description of the Korean cultural with does and don’ts that would help her acclimate to her new surroundings. Since there was the language barrier, Myers should have made it mandatory to have a translator accompany her for at least six months to a year until she had a better understanding of the language and speaking it. By having a translator, she would have been able to understand what was going on in the boardroom meetings. Also, by having a translator, they would have been able to help her with the Korean cultural as well. Considering Myers went to Seoul prior to taking the position, she should of asked an

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