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Module 1 Homework

1. Describe three or four benefits of globalization.
Globalization is increasing interdependency of nations and businesses throughout the world. It has had a profound effect on both markets and production. It has lowered or eliminated government barriers to export-import trade. Gives firms access to the worlds vast offerings of food, clothing, and other manufactured goods. Companies can also benefit from foreign manufacturing, shifting factory production to less developed, cheaper labor countries.

2. What are three reasons that globalization and export-import business are important to the United States?
Trade is critical to America’s prosperity, fueling economic growth and supporting jobs at home. Trade with
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Why? Explain.
Toyota Car Company, Korean Air, and Nissin Foods are all companies currently either selling a product or service in the U.S. Yes, the United States should encourage investment. The U.S. remains the world’s largest consumer market and is the world’s top destination for foreign direct investment. Hundreds of foreign firms have operations in the U.S. to take advantage of this huge market. This process of foreign companies investing in the U.S. and creating jobs is called “Insourcing (Maynard 2009)." By these oversees companies coming to the U.S. it creates more jobs for Americans and brings down the employment rate. It can also provide domestic jobs, increase in the standard of living by providing a wide assortment of goods and services.

7. Using the Internet, locate at least three major mergers or acquisitions between U.S. and foreign corporations over the past five years. Describe each. * France 's Vivendi acquired American video game maker Activision for about $9.8 billion, the largest American M&A deal since the credit crunch took hold in July, reflects a growing trend, experts say (Pantin 2008). Richard Peterson, stated "They show that foreign buyers perceive value in the U.S. marketplace, and are willing to put their capital in U.S. operations." The increase in foreign acquisitions is helping sustain America 's economy by bringing in additional capital and adding jobs, according to a new report published
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