Module 1 Written Assignment Essay

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Module 1 Written Assignment
Robert Collazo
Rasmussen College

What steps are required in the planning and design of this domain infrastructure? Determine the Number of Forests. This step involves determining whether one or multiple forests are required to meet the organization’s objectives. Determine the Number of Domains. This step involves determining the number of domains that are required to meet the organization’s objectives. Assign Domain Names. This step involves assigning names to each of the domains. Select the Forest Root Domain. This step involves selecting the forest root domain. Determine Domain Controller Placement. This step involves deciding where domain controller resources will be placed for each domain in each
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If you set selective authentication on an incoming external trust, you need to manually assign permissions on each resource to which you want users in the second domain to have access. To do this, set a control access right Allowed to authenticate on an object for that particular user or group from the external domain.
What should be installed and configured for the offices with limited IT staff and security? How will this be accomplished and deployed?
I would install security roles “Active Directory Provisioning and Administration” The Active Directory security is increased due to the role-based security administration, approval-based workflow, and automated user provisioning and DE provisioning. Role-based security administration allows distributing permissions more granularly, thus eliminating uncontrolled access to the enterprise resources. The approval-based workflow puts critical operations under control of responsible persons. Permissions granted by automated user provisioning and DE provisioning are assigned and designed without delays and errors.
Automated routine operations and streamlined provisioning allow avoiding excessive and time-consuming actions for IT staff, thus reducing their workload and minimizing the risk of errors. The easy-to-use Self-Service Web Interface gives users the opportunity to maintain their personal information themselves without involving IT staff. Operations on multiple

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