Module 2 Business Ethics Case Assignme Essay

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TUI University Lisa Tanner Module 2 Case Assignment Ethics 501: Business Ethics and Consequentialism Professor: Dr. Bonnie L. Adams Introduction We’re studying business ethics and every day when we go in our places of business we see so many people such as mangers, leader, and assign shift leaders lacking the knowledge of ethics. We have so many people not living in the deontological ethic world. Their living in their own world doing what they have to do no matter who it affect as long as they get what they want or need. This day and time there is so many people that is living in utilitarian ethical word. Meaning we have so many people coming up with new ideas and products but is really not doing enough research just in…show more content…
Their fathers were plumbers, electricians, and carpenters, who had passed on a core set of values to their children. This was the Valley before greed and early retirement (at the age of 30) had swept through it. So they took seriously their responsibility and duty to protect the rights of people who needed pacemakers at the same time as they balanced their fiduciary responsibility to the current company. They understood that "doing the right thing" did not have to be stupid, and that they could both do the right thing and do well for the company ("DO RIGHT" AND "DO WELL," rather than having to choose one or the other (Shanks, Thomas, 1966). So, they continued to sell to the pacemaker company. But they also instructed their engineers to develop more rigorous testing and technical standards they could hold the other company to. They reserved the right to stop selling if the other company did not improve its technical standards. They took steps to be sure they did not have a legal liability down the line and then turned it over to the other company to improve the quality of its products (Shanks, Thomas, 1966). They start out using utilitarian ethics when they introduced the pacemaker to the world to help people who was having heart problems or a heart condition where the heart would stop and people was dying so the pacemaker was the fix to that problem. Although the business knows there is problems with the pacemaker instead of

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