Module 2 DQ1 and DQ2 Essay

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Module 2 DQ1 Doctoral learners/researchers must become information-literate individuals that are able to identify, locate, evaluate, organize, and communicate regarding research sources and materials. The evaluation component of information literacy includes considering the article's accuracy, objectivity, currency, authority, and relevance. Why is the skill of evaluation important for doctoral learners/researchers? In order to be an academia researcher into a particular field one must be able to gather and identify materials that are appropriate to what they are researching and what they are trying to prove or to disprove. It is imperative for the doctoral learner to be able to locate the needed information and be able to organize it…show more content…
A doctoral learner must be able to read and carefully analyze the materials before them and be able to present the material in a way that if they are in conflict be able to show why this information is not in agreement. Reference 2nd Edition: Crebert, G., Patrick, C.-J., Cragnolini, V., Smith, C., Worsfold, K., & Webb, F. (2011). Critical Evaluation Skills Toolkit. Retrieved from the World Wide Web 5 May 2015 at Geneva, You stated in your posting, “ Brandgruwel, Wopereis, and Vermetten (2005) states: not all resources are created equal, and learners must be judicious in their approach to evaluating research. Information literacy requires a learner to identify, understand, and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each source before they can use it.” This statement is absolutely true, because a student of higher education must be able to read through articles and papers and be able to see the strength and weakness of a particular paper and be able to analyze the information to see how this either applies to what they are looking for or be able to identify if it does not. Scholarly research and reading can be time consuming and overbearing at times, because there are often times so

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