Module 2 Reflective Report

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This topic of the course has helped me to differentiate between what is a policy and what a procedure is and increased my knowledge of the huge amount of different types of policies and procedures that a school must have in place in order to operate effectively. Setting policies is one of the primary means that governing bodies can use in order to perform their duty for setting the direction they want the school to take. Governing bodies are required by law to set certain policies whilst there are others that are just recommended as good practice for all settings. Policies and procedures provide a structure and direction for school life in each and every institution.
I am much more aware of the types of policies and procedures that schools
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Policies would include things like Equal Opportunities; race equality and cultural diversity; special education needs – or inclusion policy; gifted and talented child and disability and access policy.
• Parental Engagement - The school must ensure that the parent or carer of a child has a right to participate in decisions about their child’s education. So policies that come under this heading would things like Attendance policy; Homework policy and Home-school agreement policy.
Since a school’s policies and procedures are adopted from laws passed by the Government it means they are official documents and as such need to be regularly checked and audited to see if they are still correctly serving their purpose. When a school decides to create a new policies/ procedures, or review an old one, new documents have to be drafted, checked, ratified and signed off before they can be put into practice. It is the schools responsibility to ensure that all Staff have been made aware of the new policies or changes and that any necessary training can then be provided for
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