Module 3 Journal : How Do You Feel About How Well Your School?

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Module 3 Journal: After completing the rubric, how do you feel about how well your school does in helping and fostering success for students of poverty? The school that I work in is located in Frederick, Maryland. We have nearly 800 students that attend Kindergarten through 5th grade, and with diverse backgrounds. The school is located in a very prosperous neighborhood, with several additional sections of townhomes and apartment complexes which house Section 8. All of these are within walking distance to the school. In Frederick County there are over 2,500 ELL students and more than 11,000 that are FARM (Free And Reduced Meals) students. Our graduation rate is superb with an over 93% graduation rate and a 3.5% dropout rate. This…show more content…
They tend to learn about their ‘rules’ from their community. They absorb the behaviors around them first hand, that hard work, might not pay off. They learn that if they don’t want to go to school, they don’t have to. If they don’t want to do their homework, that’s okay too. They learn that no matter how hard they work, it may get them nowhere, so you may as well have fun doing what you want, and not what teachers or authority wants. I feel that our school does a fairly good job at teaching our students that no matter where their lives are in this period of their life, it can change for the better in the blink of an eye. We have the same high expectations for students living in poverty or ELL, than we do with our middle class students. The biggest difference is that the teachers are working hard every day to level that playing field for them. We remind them that working hard, will take some effort, but you will be recognized and we will help them to be successful! Academic achievement is encouraged for all of our students. Did anything surprise you as you rated your school on the elements you learned about in the module? Please explain. I was not surprised at the ratings that I gave my school district, although there are plenty of good things that are happening in the school that I work in, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done for our district as a whole. In my school we have two extremely dedicated full-time ELL
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