Module 3 : Multiple Intelligences

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Module 3: Multiple Intelligences Identified

Read Chapter 2 of Learning to Learn and complete the following graphic organizers. This chapter goes into great detail about three of psychologist Howard Gardner’s ‘multiple intelligences.’

In this chapter, the authors discuss how children in crisis are particularly prone to trouble processing information and learning in ways that other students do..

The authors propose that when teachers are able to identify the way a child in crisis learns best, they can modify their teaching approach to give the student the greatest chance to overcome his or her barriers to school success.

In the graphic organizers on the following three pages, create a detailed picture of each learning style covered in
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A successful reader is someone who is able to determine the differences between their letters and location of how the letters are placed together. For example, the ability required for being able to recognize if a letter is a ‘p’, ‘q’, ‘b’ or ‘d’. When a student is learning to read, and if they are unable to see the differences between the letter “b” from the letter “p,” they will incorrectly read the word “bat” as “pat.” This stumbling block may allow insecurities to creep in while they are beginning readers. When learning mathematics, students need to be able to differentiate between the symbols used for numbers. Such numbers as ‘2’ and ‘5’ or ‘6’ and ‘9’, have significant differences. Children may be able to give the answer orally for “What is five plus three”, but if they see it on a worksheet, they may not be able to complete the task correctly. This is because they are not able to distinguish between different symbols. Some students may also struggle with multiple numbers given at a time and needing to see them in a certain order as well as read them in the correct order. One example is 27 and 72. Transposing numbers may be an issue with visual discrimination, or something more along the lines of Dyslexia, although it is really too early to know for sure. Visual discrimination skills also play a crucial role in supporting social interactions. Students need to be able to infer certain subtleties to interact comfortably with others. Imagine what
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