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In recent years, it has become an increasingly popular practice for drug companies to perform their clinical testing of new drugs in foreign countries that might not have the consumer protections or product liability laws present in the United States. Please answer each of the following questions using a theory studied in Module 2 specifically and thoroughly and using examples and facts from the readings and resources. 1. Are drug companies that test experimental drugs in foreign countries acting ethically? Drug companies that test experimental drugs in foreign countries are not acting ethically. Testing of experimental drugs should be done in the host country where the drugs are being manufactured. A major ethical dilemma that is…show more content…
In a way yes, clinical trials could help the medical world and patients, but are the consequences and side effects of these trials worth the risk? In the article stated above, Netto states although clinical trials are supposed to follow specific guidelines, but “these official guidelines are not binding and enforcement is lax.” This shows that some consequences are not being considered when being acted on. I think the utilitarian would question the idea of are these clinical trials worth potential harm to the people of the society. 2. is American industry at too much risk of lawsuits to remain competitive? Should companies trying to develop drugs be given immunity from lawsuits? No, I do not believe that American industry is at too much risk of lawsuits to remain competitive. Lawsuits are going to present everywhere no matter what the circumstances are. American industry must accept the fact that what they are doing can cause some harm to people of the society and law suits are what is going to come out of it. I do not think though that these drug companies should have immunity from lawsuits. In the article titled “Supreme Courts Hears Case on Vaccine Lawsuits,” it details how because of some side effects that vaccines have caused certain complications after the vaccine was given. It states that these cases could “open the floodgates to thousands of lawsuits.” It is the drug companies’

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