Module 3 Questions Essay

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1. Are drug companies that test experimental drugs in foreign countries acting ethically? Drug companies that test experimental drugs in foreign countries are not acting ethically. Testing of experimental drugs should be done in the country where the drugs are being manufactured. The major ethical dilemma is that the foreign countries that these clinical trials are not fully educated on the risks and understand what they are getting themselves into. In the article, many things stood out that these countries may not know what they are signing up for. Doing these clinical trials in foreign countries, drug companies are “exploiting the healthy who are strapped for cash and the sick who seek cheap or free remedies.” (Netto, Health-Asia:…show more content…
No, I do not believe that American industry is at too much risk of lawsuits to remain competitive. Lawsuits are going to be present everywhere regardless what the circumstances are. American industry must accept the fact that what they are doing can cause some harm to people of the society and law suits are what is going to be the outcome. I do not think that these drug companies should have immunity from lawsuits. In the article “Supreme Courts Hears Case on Vaccine Lawsuits,” it details how some side effects that vaccines have caused complications after the vaccine was given. It states that these cases could “open the floodgates to thousands of lawsuits.” It is the drug companies’ responsibility to create drugs that are not harmful to the society that they are given and there should be legal implications if they do not. The utilitarian theory shows us that these vaccines help to prevent disease, which would maximize happiness in the effect society. When something goes wrong and there is a dangerous side effect, the drug company should be liable for that. Like the utilitarian states, all consequences should be considered before acting on a decision. The drug companies have a responsibility to consider all options and side effects before deciding to administer any type of drug. In the article ‘Supreme Court hears Case on Vaccines Lawsuits’ states that in one case, “there was an alternate vaccine that
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