Module 3 SLP: A Study on the San Diego County Fire Authority

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Module 3 SLP In order for a disaster plan to be effectively created, there must be leadership in place. This leadership is in charge of supervising and making local decisions regarding the disaster. Decisions which must be in the best interest of the entire community in attempts to restore the community as quickly as possible after a disaster. Brush Fire The person responsible for the direction and control of a brush fire in San Diego County will the San Diego County Chief of Fire Authority. This position is elected and voted on by the San Deigo County Fire Authority Board and is given full discretion during emergencies (County of San Diego). This discretion includes order evacuations and seizing property as necessary to fight the fire. The Chief of Fire Authority has the power to direct and define the plan of action for the San Diego Fire Department for putting out a brush fire. Additionally, any fire units arriving from other counties and states will also report first to the San Diego Chief. The San Diego chief may freely communicate as needed using the Fire Department's open radio frequencies. The chief may also elect assistants for the different branches required for fighting the fire such as air drop units and break units. The Chief may authorize his assistants to make independent decisions in the field as needed. Additional input into the management of the brush fire may be presented to the Chief so long as the Fire Authority Board first approves the

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