Module 4 SLP: Disaster Management

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Module 4 SLP Proper management of a disaster is essential to ensuring efficient disaster control as well as relief for all disaster victims. There is no image more telling than the thousands of victims in the New Orleans Flood that did not have fresh water or food for days due to improper preparation by local authorities. The three disasters being discussed in this module are brush fires, mudslides, and earthquakes in San Diego County. Proper preparation for these disasters in the county requires organizational flexibility and especially proper resource management. Organizational flexibility is the ability to a pre-assigned committee or individual to make decisions based on current news from the field. With regard to all three of the listed disasters, the environment and severity changes very quickly. For instance, with brush fires, the winds constantly shift causing a further spread of the fire. In order for quick decisions to be made and timely actions initiated in this circumstance, those in control must have the freedom to think and react quickly. It is to this end that discretionary decisions are made by an assigned person and any new proposals filtered through a board. This ensures that the person in charge of the disaster is completely focused on the disaster not filtering public suggestions. Flexibility also ensures a faster recovery following the disaster. According to an article published in the Public Administration Review, the greater the flexibility is

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