Module 4 : Supporting Comprehension Of Content Essay

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Module 4: Supporting Comprehension of Content

Essential Questions:
1. Why do pre-reading strategies that activate prior knowledge and raise interest in the subject prepare students to approach text reading in a critical frame of mind?

I believe pre-reading strategies give students confidence that can lead to self-efficacy. Self-efficacy is a way for a student to think in an “I can” way. When students have prior knowledge of what is being read, they can reflect on the text being read in a more critical manner, and they are often able to comprehend texts easier when they find similarities in the text and their lives (Chapter 6, page 148). The YouTube channel on pre-reading had a great example of how students were successful in forming stories about Christopher Columbus due to their prior knowledge and pre-reading of Christopher Columbus content. (

2. How can meaningful learning be achieved with content area reading?

When students learn about subjects they are familiar with, it allows the content area being taught to become meaningful. As mentioned in Chapter 6, on page 149, motivation to read can come because they are interested in the content. When students are interested in the content they are reading, their needs are being met, and they will be well prepared for a successful literacy experience.

3. What are the relationships among curiosity arousal, conceptual conflict, and motivation?

The relationships between

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