Module 5: Maternal Love

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Do you know who is soon to become a mother? Your cherished Mrs. Soriano! She will be four months pregnant this month and is due to give birth on April 10. She has already heard her child’s miraculous heartbeat and seen his or her angelic curled up body during the ultrasound, like any mother’s dream. Mrs. Soriano will determinedly work until April 1 and then prepare for labor in a few days. She will be recuperating for two months and have Mr. Arriaga substitute her classes. In her 2 months of rehabilitation, she will experience a new type of love: maternal love. Over the years, she has connected with her students by giving them support and advice. Now Mrs. Soriano will meet the job to support and give advice to her child when he/she…show more content…
Mr. Rodriguez advises to “Get as much sleep as you can now. Take as many pictures and videos as you can the first year and keep a calendar to think back on what they did that day.” It will be nostalgic to remember their first steps, words, smiles, and funny moments. Mr. Jimenez, a father as well, counsels to “Enjoy every minute you have with your newborn like every cry and every laugh. Make sure that you hold your baby as much as possible.” Once they grow up you will only remember their days of infancy as if it were a dream. Ms. Lambert, a loving mother with a daughter has gone through this experience and emphasizes to “Get your rest. Nap with the baby. Enjoy every moment, the time flies and if it’s a girl buy lots of pretty bows. Smile a lot.” These special moments will pierce your heart with an arrow of love. The other parents/ teachers, Mr. Ring, Ms. Koh and Ms. Granados know that being a successful parent means, you have to cherish and love your children so that he or she will grow up as a great person by their parents' kindness. Like many of Mrs. Soriano’s former students and colleagues, Mari Pinzon has a message for her: “I wish her and her baby the best [...] I hope the baby comes out healthy and for [Mrs. Soriano] to enjoy... a new chapter in her
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