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Blood Pressure Woes

What supports the diagnosis of chronic renal failure instead of acute renal failure? Give reasons from George’s history; his signs/symptoms. The terms acute and chronic are terms used by medical specialist to describe the amount of time that the illness as lasted. Chronic meaning a long time such as a month or longer while acute means a short period of time from days up to a couple of weeks. So the fact that George began noticing issues with his blood pressure being harder to control then normally lasting over a month indicates that is when the renal issues began. One of the function of the kidneys is to regulate blood volume and pressure. With this information the diagnosis of Chronic renal
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(kidney)(stress) (Gould, B. E. , pg 196-197, 2011)
If George was in the second stage of chronic renal failure, what percent of his nephrons have been lost? What changes will be seen in the GFR; urination; and percent of nephrons lost when George reaches end-stage renal failure? The amount of nephrons that would be lost if George was in the second stage of chronic renal failure would be about 75% loss. At the end stage of chronic renal failure there would be a loss of more then 90% of nephorons and his GFR levels would be so low that they would not be readable. Blood would become toxic due to fluid, electrolytes and wastes are retained causing an impact on all body systems. Marked oliguria (scant) to none (anuria) would develop.(Gould, B. E., pg. 460, 2011). At this point due to the fluid, wastes, and electrolytes being built up the blood would turn toxic and then impact all the systems of the body. George's kidneys will fail and without transplant or dialysis on a regular basis, his life would be in danger.
Module 06 Written Assignment 4

How will George’s condition be treated? Is it curable? First the doctor would focus on lowering George's blood pressure as this is a stress on the kidneys. The doctor would then focus on decreasing the progression of the chronic renal failure. He would be given a blood pressure medication and

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