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Running head: ACTION INQUIRY RESEARCH PAPER- MERIT PAY Action Inquiry Research Paper- School Finance Jennifer Ponton Grand Canyon EDA 535 July 01, 2012 Action Inquiry Research Paper- School Finance Statement of the Problem This past spring thousands of teachers protested at the Louisiana State Capital to prevent Louisiana lawmakers from passing an educational reform bill proposed by Governor Bobby Jindall that would change the face of public education in Louisiana forever. Many superintendents and school personnel were relieved of their professional responsibilities on the days they protested hoping that they could sway the governor and the lawmakers from passing the bill. The bill was passed even without the support of…show more content…
Merit pay is a term describing performance related pay. Its primary focus is used for helping teachers improve their performance by learning from each other. Merit Pay can take the form of a bonus or a permanent teacher salary increased. This motivates many teachers because they believe they are being evaluated more fairly than traditional evaluation. Merit pay is important to study because it’s a one of the most controversial issue in the field of education and it does have an effect on school finance in the future. We should be concerned about using merit pay in our school system because most professions offer bonuses and salary increases for their exemplary employees why should the education profession be any different? Shouldn’t we try and use incentives as we do with our students to motivate teachers to give their very best in educating our future leaders of tomorrow. Merit pay will recruit and retain some of the nation’s brightest mind. Many people who have the capability to teach our students refused to do so due to teacher pay but with merit pay many of these individuals may consider working in the education profession. Relation to the Problem to the Specialization Merit Pay is a topic of investigation because even though it rewards great teachers many lawmakers, educators, and teacher’s union are opposed to it.

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