Module 7 – Reflective Practice and Professional Development Essay

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Certificate in Education
Module 7 – Reflective Practice and Professional Development
Report to compare teaching roles
In any organisation there must be some structure and it is this that leads to a selection of teaching and management roles within education. All roles are focused on the quality of service provided to not only the learners but to the community, our stakeholders, awarding bodies, funders and parents.
The 3 roles I have chosen for comparison are Team Manager, which is my role at NN, a Trainer on the foundation learning programme at NN and the role of Learning Support Assistant. I have collected the information by talking to and observing, the trainer on foundation learning. I have researched the post of LSA as this is a
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The LSA’s, trainers and myself are all responsible for working from the session plans and ensuring that outcomes and targets are met and standards adhered to. As a group we would also discuss what additional resources and materials would be necessary for the course and create an essential list and a wish list. It would then be my responsibility to check what was available within the budget and authorise any additional spending. I am responsible for risk assessing and ensuring the health & Safety of the staff and learners. The trainers are responsible for the health and safety of themselves and learners during sessions and have a responsibility to bring to the attention of the team manager anything that arises during their sessions. The LSA has a responsibility to report any health and safety issue to their line manager. We all have a responsibility to ensure that our areas are clean, tidy and secure at the end of each session. I am responsible for learner registrations, arranging internal and external verification and attending standardisation meetings. The trainers are responsible for providing me or their team manager with the necessary information for us to do the registrations and to ensure that learner’s portfolios are completed to an acceptable standard. The LSA’s can complete learner progress reports and are responsible for completing the tasks with the learners that have been set by the trainer.
All of the roles

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