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Module 5 – Beginning SEI Strategies 1 Module 5 – Beginning SEI Strategies Sandra A. Roland Grand Canyon University ESL – 523N SEI English Language Teaching: Foundations & Methodologies Ms. Kristin Basinger April 11, 2012 Module 5 – Beginning SEI Strategies 2 Vocabulary Development Approaches | Analysis (Describe the approach, determine how to use the approach lessons.) | Application (After analyzing, offer specific ways to apply the approaches in lessons.) | Advantages | Extension Strategies | TPR | Total Physical Response or TPR is an approach that is systematically used for giving commands followed by physical responses by the students. | Listening and responding activities for beginner students are used…show more content…
Storytelling provides listening experiences with reduced anxiety.8. Storytelling is pedagogically sound. | | | After the story has been told several times the children willpantomine the story as the teacher tells it again. You can carry this “physical storytelling” further, as the teacher recombines previouslylearned TPR commands with familiar storymaterial as the children act out to create a new story. Activities that explore multiple intelligences are incorporated by the teacher (Gardner, 1998), or different methods of language needs for the students (Vogt, & Echevarria, 2008; Echevarria, Short, & Vogt. 2008). | Stories give children cultural experiences incommon with the other children in the classroom and inform all about the target culture. | Reading stories aloud illustrations helps to carry the meaning . While readingaloud, you should point to the words or lines being read,emphasize the connection of oral language to print. You should also, pause frequently to discuss the illustrations. Engage in discussion circles, or a variety of other meaningful activities (Peregoy & Boyle, 2005). | Contextual Clues | The student gets understanding and assistance in second language proficiency, with the degree of contextual support available for expression or comprehension through language assistance. | Define clearly content objectives It is to be written on the board
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