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Module 9 Assignment 1 1. Research and then tell what the rules are for the pronunciation of final 'ed' in past tense verbs that you saw in this section. How would you teach this to your students? Look in our Resource center for the rule. Rules for pronunciation: Pronunciation spelling I > played /d/ arrive/arrived You > arrived /d/ wait/waited He > worked /t/ stop/stopped She > dreamed/dreamt /dri:md/ or /dremt/ occur/occurred It > posted /Id/ cry/cried We > You > They > Pronunciation of the regular past verbs in the regular past always end with a -d in their spelling, but the pronunciation of the past ending is not always the same: play/played /d/ The most common spelling characteristic of the regular past is that…show more content…
Past tense of "carry". Show me your answers. Students: (should all show for /d/) Teacher: Yes. "carried". Repeat after me, "carried." Students: Carried. You can include an example right now if you'd like to, but I usually leave that for later, when I'm focusing on more communicative tasks and meaning-based activities. This is simply a short segment of the class. You'll be able to see from the students' answer paddles how many of them know the answers. You'll be able to find the students' weak spots as well as their strong spots, so you'll know what you need to focus on in the future. A Listening Option Here are two options for adding a listening component to this sequence. 1. Ask students to show you the A, B or C for the sound of the verb. 2. Give feedback ("Almost everyone is correct!", "About half of you are correct", etc.). 3. Model the pronunciation. 4. Ask students to show you the A, B or C again. 5. Tell them the answer. Model the answer, and elicit a repetition. Another way of doing this is to skip the first two steps above, and simply start with your own modeled pronunciation. List of Regular Past Tense Pronunciation /t/ | /d/ | /id/ | asked baked brushed cooked cracked crashed danced dressed dropped escaped finished fixed guessed helped hoped hiked joked jumped knocked kissed laughed locked looked missed mixed packed passed picked pressed pushed | advised agreed allowed
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