Module Code And Title : Bkey401 Professional Competency

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Module Code and Title: BKEY401 Professional Competency
Foundation of Independent Learning

Student Name: Jaskaran Singh Bakshi
Student ID number: W1492024
Seminar leader name: Siriwan Hutangkabodee
Word Count: 729 Date: 16/10/2014

Independent learning is that learning in which the learner, in conjunction with relevant others, can make the decisions necessary to meet the learner’s own learning needs. (Kesten, 1987, p3). Independent learning is an important aspect of student’s life. According to self-regulated learning theories identified by Zimmerman (2001),"motivation, self-awareness, key processes, social and environmental influences and acquisition of self-regulated learning "are essential factors of independent learning. This essay will cover various aspects of independent learning. Such as, what does independent learning skills imply? How independent learning can be developed in the university and how does it benefit students in higher education.
According to Meyer et al.,(2008a) and Cassidy (2011) independent learning skills compose of cognitive, metacognitive and affective skills. These skills, if inculcated early enhances independent learning skills. Other than this, thinking and transferable skills are also required. Thinking skill is one skill which shows the power of recalling things. Therefore enabling to use existing knowledge and simultaneously coming up with the solution

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