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LIBRARY WORKBOOK Exercises 1 – 4: Using the Library Catalogue: HAND THESE IN FOR MARKING – See module guide for assessment hand in date Note: Books other than those specifically mentioned may be used to help you to answer some of these questions. 1. Use the Keyword search on the catalogue to find books on ‘molecular cell biology’. How many results are there, how many of these are journals? Total library catalogue results for ‘molecular cell biology: 551 Total number of Journals: 25 2. Search for a book by ‘Alberts’ on molecular biology of the cell. (Type the author and keywords into the same box) What is the Shelf mark? Find the book on the shelf and use it to make short notes on- 'What are the fundamental properties of Life? ' Molecular biology of the cell – Alberts, Shelf mark: 571.6/MOL ‘What are the fundamental properties of life?’ The fundamental properties of life involve 6 key principles: the ability to grow and reproduce; heredity; responsiveness; the ability to evolve and adapt; a self-regulating system i.e. homeostasis and some form of metabolism. The ability for living organisms to grow and reproduce is due to the cell cycle. Whether you’re a unicellular or multicellular organism the only way to make a new cell is to duplicate a cell that already exists. Cells grow through a process of cell division called mitosis, where one diploid cell goes through different phases in order to double its DNA then splits into two identical diploid cells. Living

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