Module Information Processing Theory of Learning

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Module Information Processing Theory of Learning INTRODUCTION The information processing theory approach to the study of cognitive development evolved out of the American experimental tradition in psychology. Information processing theorists proposed that like the computer, the human mind is a system that processes information through the application of logical rules and strategies. Like the computer, the mind has a limited capacity for the amount and nature of the information it can process Objectives General objectives 1 describe the principal on which cognitive learning theory are based. 2 use the characteristics of the memory store in our information processing system. 3 describe the cognitive process in our information…show more content…
Let's cast a cursory glance at these four underlying beliefs that uphold the edifice of information processing. Thinking: The process of thinking includes the activities of perception of external stimuli, encoding the same and storing the data so perceived and encoded in one's mental recesses. Analysis of Stimuli: This is the process by which the encoded stimuli are altered to suit the brain's cognition and interpretation process to enable decision-making. There are four distinct sub-processes that form a favorable alliance to make the brain arrive at a conclusion regarding the encoded stimuli it has received and kept stored. These four sub-processes are encoding, strategization, generalization and automatization. Situational Modification: This is the process by which an individual uses his experience, which is nothing other than a collection of stored memories, to handle a similar situation in future. In case of certain differences in both situations, the individual modifies the decisions he made during his previous experience to come up with solutions for the somewhat different problem. Obstacle Evaluation: This process is usually employed by psychologists to study the cognitive development in children. This step maintains that besides the
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