Essay on Module One Assignment

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Module One Assignment 1. Six of Deming's 14 Points for Management that I believe are demonstrated in the organizational follows: practices and employee behaviors of Bronson Methodist Hospital (BMH) are ad. For each Deming Point chosen, write at least one sentence describing the point in your own words and at least one additional sentence regarding how that point is demonstrated. State SPECIFIC CASE FACTS -- not generalizations - to support your thoughts & maximize earning full point credit. (1) Create and publish to all employees a statement of the aims and purposes of the company or other organization. The management must demonstrate constantly their commitment to this statement. I chose this point because in the text of Bronson…show more content…
Its most recent project has been to install new software from SAS Institute Inc. The software gives employees instant access to data regarding the impact on the final product of each station in each process. Gerber’s history of continuous improvement and its well-documented manufacturing processes paid off. (4) Employee engagement and teamwork: One the employees recognized the value of teamwork, the company began taking quality functions out of the quality department and spreading them throughout the product on a more consistent basis. By expanding quality responsibilities, to frontline operations, Gerber hoped to increase process control and reduce line inspections. (5) Management by fact: The Gerber Company established management incentives for integrating quality into its manufacturing process. Many senior managers began to be compensated for maintaining a high level of consumer trust through the quality of the final product. (6) Visionary leadership that views performance excellence as a strategic organization asset: Gerber hired consultants to teach facilitation skills, Soon supervisors were holding meeting not only to familiarize workers with the team concept, but to discuss change – how employees felt about it and what the company could do to help make it easier. As employees began feeling more comfortable working in teams, they voiced concerns about trouble spots in the system and the processes. Gerber also learned that
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