Module One Assignment : The Four Functions Of Management

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Module One Assignment The four functions of management are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. A proper manager can use these functions to have a great success in a work place or in their personal life. A manager will need to have and practice many different skills such as Technical skills, Conceptual and decision skills and Interpersonal and communication skills to be a successful manager. These functions and skills is what makes the manager a great leader. Heading 1 To begin with, Planning is a very important step for a manager to have a successful leader role. A manager can make decisions about what goals or objectives their business would have to meet. For example, A manager wants to make a goal by selling a certain amount of merchandise in a month. To coordinate a plan, the manager should set up a meeting for all the co-workers. Once the whole team is together they can set a goal to have a required number of sold items to reach within a month. While the manager is planning he is using technical skills. He is performing a task that is involving a progression monthly over time. Every workplace needs to start out with a plan to have success. Heading 21 In addition, once you got the goal or objective all planned you will then need to be organized. To be organized, you will have to establish the task and authority relationships that allow people to work together and achieve the goals you planned. For example, for a phone sales business, the whole team has made
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