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Module One: Text Questions 1. The financial choices we make impact our economy. Think of a recent item you purchased. What factors influenced your decision in making this purchase? Did this purchase impact your local economy? Explain why or why not. A recent item I purchased was a Patte Kode yesterday with a few friends after a SGA meeting. The factors that influenced me to buy that item were my hunger, the near location of the Haitian establishment to my school, the price, and past experience of buying the patty. By going with four friends I was able to introduce three out of the four to the restaurant in turn creating more business and consumers for the restaurant which impacted my local economy through the money that we spent. The…show more content…
But I have been noticing that the quarter is no longer worth what it used to be, I’m not sure if this is because of a global factor or just a national factor but no longer do I get what I used to for a quarter. Last week my family and I went washing at a local laundry matt, while we were removing our clothes from the washer getting ready to placed them in the drier we realized that now instead of getting 10 minutes of drying time for one quarter it was now only 8 minutes. At first I didn’t think it was a major difference, I thought to myself, “Two minutes less oh well that’s not so bad”. It was until I put 75 cents into the machine I realized what a huge difference two minutes can be when multiplied. I was so annoyed because instead of putting three quarters in to dry my clothes I had to put four instead. In a way I felt cheated out of my quarter. In all with the drying of my clothes, my two sibling’s clothes, and my parent’s clothes we had to spend an extra $2- $2 that could have been spent on something else. 4. You are now familiar with government and how it plays a role in our economy. What are the advantages and disadvantages of governmental involvement? What changes would you make to improve government’s role? The advantages of governmental involvement in our economy are the regulations and limitations set for business- such as setting a standard for minimum wage, regulating working conditions, preventing the exploitation of

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