Moe Mann's Story

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Moe Mann Okay, I don’t know how to start a story so let’s get right into it. It all started out of nowhere, a bunch of people all around the world were depressed, and it was his job to make a 24 hour long video to make people laugh and for charity. So let’s begin the story. “MOE!” Moe’s mom yelled “What mom!” Moe responded “Watch the news on your t.v.” Moe’s mom responded not as loud as the first time. Moe grabs the remote after his wolf Mo mo hands it to him. “Thank’s Mo mo” Moe said. Moe turns on the t.v. to the news, he rewinds it to the beginning. “Hello welcome back wolf news to start off we have some terrible news. People all around the world have randomly have been depressed, now to Heather with the weather.” Moe turns off the…show more content…
So we are going to be playing a game, Someone will be standing in there green room, and another player is going to pick a background of the green room, and the player in there green room has to guess the where their at. Oh yeah the schedule for today will start with comedy, then action for the 2nd hour, then sports for the 3rd hour, then music parodies for the 4th hour, then reading your comments and fanmail for the 5th hour.” Moe explained. Moe went on with the schedule, when he finished he gained five billion dollars for charity for 12hours, he almost had half of the seven continents watching within those 12 hours, He was becoming famous. At the 24th hour the live stream was over, after that stream know one heard from that channel again. After 2 weeks his channel disappeared from Youtube except for that live stream. Now you can only see him with his dog hidden all over Youtube, in games, action videos, animal videos, the home screen of Youtube, etc. This is a story of a guy who was famous all around the world for one day, everybody for one day understood English. That same day he disappeared the biggest heatwave ever known hit Arizona. This is the story about Moe Mann, Or how I know him as cause I’m his father Monkey Moe Man the funniest man alive, yes he’s still
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