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BBA 360 Assignment 3 Case Study Project Management Due: Thursday, October 24, 2013 Submit: IN CLASS—beginning of class What: Read the case and follow the directions at the end of the case. The Wedding Tony and Peggy Sue graduated from a college in Texas last May. She received a degree in elementary education, and he graduated from the culinary school. They both now work in the Dallas area. Peggy Sue teaches, and Tony is a chef at a resort hotel restaurant. On Christmas day, Tony and Peggy Sue get engaged and set a wedding date of June 30. Tony is from New York City. He is the only son of “Big Tony” and Carmella. He is known as “Little Tony” to his family. He has three younger sisters, none of whom are yet…show more content…
I’ve been waiting for this day. I’m so excited that my baby’s getting married. We’re going to have the biggest, best wedding ever. All our friends and family will come to celebrate. We’ll probably have 300 people. And, of course, we’ll have the reception at our restaurant; the banquet room should be big enough. I’ll tell your cousin, Vinnie, that you want him to be best man. You grew up together and even though you haven’t seen much of him, I know you’ll want to have him there. I’ll call Aunt Lucy as soon as I hang up and tell her little Maria and Teresa will be flower girls and little Nick will be the ring bearer. Oh, and your sisters—they’ll all be bridesmaids. Their gowns can be deep rose—they’ll all be gorgeous. And sweetie, I know papa will agree with me—on Monday, I’m going to call my friend Francine, the travel agent, and get two tickets for a two-week honeymoon in Italy. It will be a gift from us. Tell Peggy Lee congratulations! We’re so happy for you. It’s your wedding and I don’t want to interfere. I’ll just be here to help. Whatever you want, little Tony, just tell me. One more thing, I’ll see Father Frank after mass on Sunday and tell him to mark his calendar already for a two o’clock ceremony on June 30—I can’t wait to tell everybody to get ready to party on June 30!” And when Peggy Sue calls Mildred, she responds: “That’s wonderful, dear. I’m glad you’re finally getting married. I’ll start getting

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