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Mohammad Pathan HCC 4/24/2017 History 1302 Professor Patterson Semester Writing Assignment: HIROSHIMA Hiroshima, by John Hersey recounts the tale of six individuals who survived one of the biggest, most destructive man-made bombings ever. In 1945 the bombing of Hiroshima trembled the world. John Hersey tells us about these six people lives, before then after the bombing. The life changing impact when a nuclear bomb annihilated Hiroshima. The story, with its persuasiveness weaves together the lives of these six survivors from when they got up on that regular morning til’ the minute when, with a gruesome blinding flare, their lives were never the same. Hersey 's…show more content…
A few other important reasons for the bombing were to figure out the bombs range, decrease the japanese morale, and effectively shorten the war. Also they wanted to measure the effectiveness of the blast radius that the bomb produced, to know what kind of fortification they would require to withstand the blast power of the bomb itself. Hiroshima had never been bombed as much as the other significant urban areas of Japan. It had factories that made weapons and other materials for war. Also it had major headquarters for Japan 's army. Before the bombing Dr. Masakazu Fujii was a physician who had extreme sympathy and care for all of his patients. “Startled, he began to rise to his feet. In that moment (he was 1,550 yards from the center), the hospital leaned behind his rising and, with a terrible ripping noise, toppled into the river.”(PG. 6) He watched his beloved hospital be destroyed by the blast. That’s where his work took place and where his patients came to be treated. He became pinned down by 2 beams that almost submerged him in water. He successfully escaped although he was slightly injured. When the city starts rebuilding and recuperating after the demolition, Dr. Fujii gets another facility and resumes his physician practice. He tries to learn new languages so he can chat with the officers. He then tries to regain his social standing in the society which he once had. Towards the end he develops cancer, the ending of his life is depressing and

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