Mohammad 's Creation Of A Trans Tribal State

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Mohammad’s creation of a trans-tribal state occurred during his population of Medina. After he was persecuted in Mecca, Mohammad sought refuge in Medina. After successfully gaining protection from its tribes Mohammad sought to make Medina a better place. Mohammad immediately planted crops, created employment, found water alternatives, and created a town center. After surpassing necessities Mohammad moved on to his ultimate goal- a unified, religious state. Mohammad sought to make Medina a monotheistic state in contrast to the rampant paganism. Those who lived in Medina and did not agree with Mohammad’s ideals were either kicked out or ended up converting. Mohammad created an environment in which different tribes could live while following…show more content…
The aim of the Constitution was to unify, this meant that “non-natives” and “immigrants” would be considered equal in the eyes of the law. The term, believer, frequently used in the document was not exclusive to Muslims, the articles clarify that a protected believer could be from a different faith so long as they agree to the terms of the Constitution. It is important to note that some Muslim countries today would actually be in violation of the Constitution seeing as they do believe in a hierarchical social and legal system. The ideal state sought to eradicate Pagan practices from the land by bringing in other nations for a stronger monotheistic presence. Articles 29-40of the Constitution deal with the specifications for Jewish tribes, including protection and status. At first glance the extensive amount of articles seems unnecessary, but Khan points out that each article is specified to show the Jews’ equality in the eyes of Muhammad. Each article specified a different Jewish tribe, this showed Muhammad’s acknowledgement of each unique tribe while also stating their equality in his eyes; each tribe’s article is identical therefore no tribe is considered loftier than another. Article 28 states that all disagreements which cannot be settled between people will be answered by Allah and Muhammad. Although other minorities agreed to live in peace with and declared loyalty to
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