Mohandas Gandhi was One of India's Pacifist and Activist

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Mohandas Gandhi Gandhi once said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mohandas Gandhi was an Indian pacifist and activist, who is a beacon and an icon for many people. He has inspired many to pursue non-violence, which is why we can consider him one of the greatest of his time. Everything he has done was either for the good of others, or to bring himself spiritually closer to god. Gandhi was a reformer because he played a large role in India’s freedom from Britain, he is seen as the century’s foremost representative of civil rights, and he created a method of moral activism and non-violence. As stated by Gandhi, “Only if I die for India shall I know that I was fit to live.” Gandhi is the main reason why India freed themselves from Britain’s control in the early 1900s. The British wanted to pass a bill to prevent Indians from voting, so Gandhi led a drive that gathered 10,000 signatures to oppose the bill (Deats 25). Also, Gandhi marched 240 miles to the sea, where he made salt illegally against the government's monopoly and high tax on salt to help the poor (History Study Centre, "Mohandas K. Gandhi."). Once in control of the Indian National Congress, he led the Non-Co-Operation Movement, in which Indians stopped supporting British Colonial Institutions (Hardiman 2). And to finally ignite the spark for their freedom from Britain, Gandhi led the “Quit India” campaign. Independence was declared five years later in 1947 (History Study Centre, "Mohandas
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