Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi And Ho Chi Minh

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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and Ho Chi Minh are the leaders of national independent movements from late 19th to early 20th century. Both of them defeated the colonial rulers and won national independence. This paper will talk about the influences of ideas and circumstances, the goals that they wanted to get and the historical significance of their behaviors. It is very easy to find that these two leaders living in two very different social and political circumstances. Gandhi’s mother’s education, the putlibai's moral and his father’s dead influenced his thought that advocated the use of satvagraha, "truth-force" and rejected any aid. Apart from that, the two experiences that he was prejudiced cause he wanted to change the unjust situation.…show more content…
But their focuses were different. Gandhi bound the moral Truth for himself and his people with achieving political independence. And he thought the nonviolent actions and truth were more important and wanted to use it to move the colonists. However, Ho Chi Minh did not like him. He thought his primary mission was fight for the independence and unification of Vietnam, even can use any means to achieve the national independence. Although he is a proletarian and upheld the Marxist philosophy, the questions of moral or theory were weaker than nationalism. Gandhi more like a moral teacher of his people and Ho Chi Minh more like a man who devoted into anti-colonialism and nationalism and used communist thoughts and crafty organization as the methods to gained the national independence. The actions of these two leaders had some dramatic historical significance. They were the personal inspiration for people who wanted to get freedom from colonial ruling. Despite Gandhi cannot achieve his own beliefs, he success finished India independence movement and got rid of the British rule. As same as the India independence movement, the obstruction of Vietnam independence movement were communists in the late, the Vietnamese independence confliction changed into an anticommunist war. It was very different with Ho Chi Minh’s expected thought. But Vietnam actually became an absolutely
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