Mohawk Tribe Research Paper

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In a far far away land there where we're two tribe, one of the tribe we're call the ojibwe. The other tribe was call the mohawk. The two tribe had a leader with great power these leaders are Chief John Redcorn from the ojibwe, and Grand Cherokee from the Mohawks. These two guys were the strongest smartest fastest and more intelligent guys of their tribes. John and his tribe believe in Christianity. They strong we believe that Jesus will return an saved them from the evil spirits of the wilderness. The chief leader sense danger come into his tribe. He warren's all the people of the village that there will be hugs attack coming soon and they should prepared. The woman of the village starting carvin a series of animals in a tree that symbolize peace and protection over their village, these animals were the Eagle, the wolf and the bear. The ojibwa believe in self healing. They believe that they can use herbs and other medicine resources to heal there through, when they are cut or sick these people have lot of components that they can use to heal themselves but they usually use self healing. The Mohawks are the other tribe right across the river from the Ojibwa tribe. They believe in spirituality and visual attacks and also they believe that the spirits will protect them from any attacks and any catastrophes. They rely on…show more content…
Grand Cherokees had assembled the spirits from the trees, so that they can help them in the upcoming battle, Chief John Redcorn had parade to a third God for help in the battle that's coming. Grand Cherokee had through a fire arrows into the ojibwe village. Where they had caught on fire. This started burning the huts in the village destroying half of the village. The two villages started fighting using spiritual attacks in as well as physical attack on one another. This was a bloody battle. Many people die that
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