Moises By Frida Kahlo Analysis

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When I visited the Museum of Fine Arts I saw several art sculptures and pieces that were interesting. Two pieces of work spoke to me the most. The work I like the most is called Moises by Frida Kahlo, this piece was made in 1945 and the mediums are masonite and oil. The work I dislike is called Niña Madre also known as Girl Mother by David Alfaro Siqueiros. It was made in 1936 in the mediums are pyroxylin and masonite. I will be analyzing both pieces closely and giving my interpretation of both pieces In Moises by Frida Kahlo, Kahlo paints baby Moises being born from the sun. Kalho creates a central point by using the sun, this is called radial balance. Kahlo places a life bearing sun in the center because a circle is a perfect form. This draws my attention to the center of the mural. Kahlo also makes the sun three-dimensional because it appears to be lifted on the mural, this is called a mass. There is a fetus, an egg being fertilized, and meiosis right above baby Moises. This indicates fertility and life. The trees Kahlo paints are dead, but have new fresh and leafy branches sprouting from their tree trunks…show more content…
The gender of the oldest child is female, but the baby's gender is unknown. The oldest girl appears to be no older than 10 years old with an infant on her back. They are both clothed in white but their clothes have soot on them.This may represent their innocence being tarnished. The children appear to be scared indicating the oldest child taking on a motherly role. Siqueiros overlaps the pyroxylin creating drama and texture. The environment seems scorched with the use of warm and dark colors. Siqueiros sets the tone by using arbitrary colors to convey the children's loneliness. Siqueiros uses light and shadow to make the children a focal point. I believe Siqueiros message is that the world can be scary when you are forced to mature and develop
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