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Theatre allows a significant message to be portrayed and convicted to many different people in many unexpected ways. Director Moises Kaufman has helped shaped the world of theatre with his unique outlook from an anthropologist’s form of theoretical framework. Kaufman’s distinctive productions give the people in the audience a new form of relatable scenarios through his directing of deep dialogue. The I AM THEATRE video enlightened me with numerous facts and interesting elements that Kaufman has instituted during his directing life. Kaufman has been awarded numerous awards including one of the most prestigious honors, known as the Tony Award, which recognizes excellence in live Broadway theatre. Speaking to one’s life experiences through theatre can be a major breakthrough for people like Kaufman. Using the I AM THEATRE video, this essay will offer a brief overview of director, Moises Kaufman, and enlighten his idea that theatre offers much more than what is expected.
Kaufman was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1963. After numerous years of researching human relationships, correlated into the art of theatre, he was finally able to make his Broadway directing debut in the 2004 production of I Am My Own Wife by Doug Wright. Kaufman has worked with many great actors, including one of
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This is a part of Kaufman’s directing in which a deep value of connection can be made between the director and the audience. In this famous dialogue, Robin Williams plays a tiger who is unable to get to heaven. During a conversation with God, he says, “You knew I was a tiger when you made me, and now you’re punishing me for being a tiger.” People are really connected to that part of the play because each person in the audience can recognize that what happens on stage is truth. The art of theatre is something that profoundly speaks to their deep past

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