Moisturizing Tips for Winter Time

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Moisturizing Tips for Winter Time The dry, cold air during winter can cause numerous skin problems such as dry and flaking skin thus taking care of it should be on your priority list. Everyone has different skin types thus it is essential that you consult a specialist or dermatologist when it comes to choosing the right product for you. Make sure that you always read the labels before purchasing any skin care product. Here are several skin care tips that can help you in keeping your skin healthy even during the winter: Face Take note of the changes in your skin if any so that your dermatologist can assess if you need to replace your face moisturizer. Apply it after taking a bath or shower and again before bedtime. Body temperature…show more content…
Skin can be damaged by using common household soap like deodorant soaps or those that contain heavy fragrances, alcohol or antibacterial elements. These ingredients can further strip the essential oils in the skin making it vulnerable to irritants and allergens. Choose a moisturizing bar or a creamy body wash instead. Steer clear of those with harsh detergents like ammonium lauryl sulfate and triclosan; instead, opt for those with gentle ingredients like cocamidopropyl betaine. Use soap daily only on the parts that needs a good washing and those that usually affected by sweat. Try to use soap sparingly for the rest of the body. The best time to apply a body moisturizer is right after the bath or shower, preferably when the skin is still damp since it can actually draw moisture into the skin from the outside. Choose also those that are fragrance-free instead of unscented because it only means that fragrance are still used in neutralizing any odor-causing ingredients. Hands and Feet Make it a habit to apply lotion in your hands after washing to minimize skin dryness. Always wear gloves when outdoors. Keep an extra pair in your car and use it even when driving. If your skin is usually dry, apply a thick layer of moisturizer before wearing gloves. This can help the moisturizer seep into the skin better. Apply a moisturizer on your feet the same time you’re applying it in your body and face since cold weather can make the
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