Moldy Research Paper

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Molds: What is it? How can people get it? Moldy homes not just look ugly and unappealing. These black and filament fungi can actually cause mold poisoning. While most people may not be able to recognize the typical moldy smell, they can actually fall sick because of the possible mold poisoning. Molds can detrimentally affect your health. While you will find some symptoms, you may not be able to cure it with the conventional medicine. Plus, it is difficult to diagnose the mold toxicity too. That’s because most of the mold toxicity symptoms are similar to flu, common cold and fever conditions. Also, some symptoms are nonspecific in the case. Molds are a type of fungi that grow in filaments and produce microscopic spores. Because these spores…show more content…
A number of times, mold poisoning could go undiagnosed or mistaken for some other health conditions. However, if you find moldy walls or faucets in your home, you should take a few steps and follow these tips to treat mold exposure. 1. Keep your home clean and mold-free. If you find molds in your home, keep away from the contaminated environment. 2. Mold spores can easily get circulated through the air system. Keep your HVAC filter clean and change it in every three months. Also, avoid exposure to porous items such as clothing, carpet and rugs that have come in contact with the moldy environment. 3. Keep the molds away by sealing cracks and cleaning the mold prone areas. 4. You can always use upgraded coconut charcoal, clay and similar binders to bind internal mycotoxins. 5. Talk to your physician about treating both the spore infection and colonizing molds in the body. 6. Consider including some detox supplements in your diet to fight mold infections. 7. Make some changes in your diet by excluding foods with common mycotoxins. Such foods include: cheese, mushroom, certain nuts, grains and alcoholic
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