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Moliere is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and famous French writers ever. His comedic plays capture the reader with a a perfect blend of intelligent and slap stick jokes. He mastered the "strange enterprise of amusing decent people"(Guicharnaud, 2) with this simple philosophy: "Nothing is more effective(in making people laugh) then holding up the mirror to nature."(Guicharnaud, 21) Jean-Baptiste Poquelin was born in Paris on January 15, 1662. His father and Mother where both interior decorators for the king, although his mother died when Jean-Baptise was ten years of age. He was sent to College de
Claremont, an aristocratic Jesuit institution. Poquelin took a degree in law, which he never used in practice, and
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His death came about within a few hours. His wife frantically searched for a priest to give him his last rights, but to no avail. "God was displaying his anger against
Moliere," said Bishop Bossuet.(Bishop, 10) Moliere's plays are some of the most popular and produced French plays in the world. Despite defects in the plot and character development of Moliere's plays, his works remain popular today because the basis of his comedy deals with human nature, relationships, and hypocrisy. Tartuffe was Moliere's most performed and popular play. When it was presented to the king in 1664 he liked it, but forbade Moliere to publicly produce it under pressure from the church. For 5 years he pulled every string he could to get the play in production. For reasons unknown, King Louis lifted the ban and Tartuffe became a instant hit. The play consisted of 5 acts, in which surprisingly the main character did not even appear until the third. Simply put, the plot had the man of a house-hold in love with a stranger named Tartuffe he had taken in to his care. The rest of the family saw through his facade, but the father insists that Tartuffe is God sent. He finally realizes the truth when he witnesses
Tartuffe tempting his wife as he hid under the dining room table. Often
Tartuffe would often comment that the other people of the house where not following God, and that he was his humble servant. Of course he turned
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