Moliere's Tartuffe Essay

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           In Moliere’s description of a satire, he was very direct as to the function and objectives of ones are. The function is to correct men’s problems, using satire to ridicule them and expose them to the public opinion. Although the satire is making fun of many things, things in the church and organized religion. Tartuffe has many themes that reoccur throughout the play. The time period which this piece was written, was know as The Age Of Reason. One of the main ideas and attitudes during this period was, reason must always control passion. Due this attitude, one theme that constantly appears through out the play is the battle between reason and passion.…show more content…
“ Ought not a Christian to forgive; and ought he not strife every vengeful thought? Should you stand by and watch a father make his only son, an exile for your sake? Again I tell you frankly, be advised: the whole town, high and low scandalized; this quarrel, must be mended, and my advice is not to push matter to a further crisis. In that scene, Cleante is trying to talk reason into Tartuffe’s actions Orgon has just kicked out his son, and made Tartuffe his sole heir. Although Orgon has acted out on his passion without considering any reason, Cleante is attempting to show Tartuffe his wrong doings and his hypocrisy. Up to this point in the story Tartuffe has not acted out on passion. Then Moliere adds a twist to the story with the exact thing “Man’s Passions”, Tartuffes passion, is the sole explanation for his downfall, slowly his passion for Elmire and greed infest his way of thinking and leads to his defeat and surrender. He let his passion control his reason for good.            These conflicts between reason and passion that are continuously given in Moliere’s Tartuffe can easily teach a lesson to anybody who is ready to listen. If people were only willing to think before they react, imagine the difference it would make in ones life. We are not as lucky to have someone point out short cummins, but our inner voice should come fourth. But we would still have to take the time to
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