Moll Flanders Life

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The Situation of “the deceiver deceived” recurs throughout Defoe’s Moll Flanders. Consider the way that the novel explores this situation with reference either to the episode of Moll’s marriage to her third husband (the Virginian) – in particular, to the way that this marriage is entered into. Throughout the novel Moll Flanders, we see a situation of the deception referenced through the many lives that she beholds. In particular this can be seen in her third marriage, who is the Virginian and is also her half-brother. To completely understand how this was entered into this marriage, firstly you need to explore where it originated from and this can be seen through the marriages prior to the third. The deception of Moll Flanders life…show more content…
Unfortunately this marriage cost Moll Flanders money and hence she didn’t marry well. She enjoyed it though, partly because it involved innocent deception. Now Moll is seeking her third marriage. She proceeds with this by being influenced by her personal experiences so far. Being deceived by her first love, then deceiving herself about her second husband, she tried her hand at match-making. Moll helped her friend find her Sea Captain through deception. Then Moll’s friend sees it is only just to deal with men in their own way; ‘to Deceive the Deceiver’ (2011 p65). Interestingly, the man whom Moll sets out to deceive isn’t a deceptive or manipulative man. Both women played the game very well. Moll Flanders got her man without much difficulty. She let him profess his love for her and let him believe she was rich. Moll truly liked and respected her suitor but thought it was criminal to deceive him. So once she was married, Moll took the opportunity to bring him that little stock she had (2011 p69), and he was satisfied that he got the wife he loves and believed Moll didn’t deceive him. Nevertheless, since he expected more money from his wife and was earning less from his plantations, he started to talk about taking Moll to Virginia. She agreed. This was all in aid of Moll deceiving her husband by letting him think she had no money and wouldn’t be disappointed when she showed him how much she really had. Throughout this period of time,
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