Molluscicidal Effect of Dalandan and Dayap Fruit Extract on Golden Apple Snails

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Chapter I THE PROBLEM This chapter contains subtopics that talks about the problem in this research such as background of the study, conceptual framework, statement of the problem, null hypothesis, significance of the study, scope and delimitations of the study and definition of terms. Background of the Study Nowadays, the demands for every man’s needs are drastically increasing. Consumption of our basic needs is at its peak because of our increasing population. There are many industries now that require twice the effort of labor than before, and one of which is in the agricultural industry. We cannot deny the fact that agricultural exports and imports all over the world are essential to maintain natural equilibrium and satisfy the…show more content…
Null Hypothesis In this study, the researcher will test the null hypothesis at 0.05 level of significance. Ho: There is no significant difference between the dalandan (Citrus aurantium) and dayap (Citrus aurantifolia) fruit extract and the positive control as a molluscicide on golden apple snails (Pomacea canaliculata). Significance of the Study As this world undergoes in a midst of modernization in technologies, there are also agricultural advancements being focused on by scientists. This might sound impressive to people but with these are different newly discovered disease-causing organisms to plants. New strains of viruses and unknown diseases have developed and most of the people are just depending on those costly products. If Filipinos are to use alternative products somehow, it can not only help families in their expenses but also the economy in developing new measures of allocating its resources. The following are the entities that will be benefited in this study. Agriculturists. Agriculturists will be aware of the potential uses of such plants specifically in this study, dalandan and dayap. They will have a broader knowledge in controlling pests in the field. Molluscicide manufacturers. With this study, the manufacturers can think of certain innovations in their products or even as an additive. These manufacturers can cut the costly production of chemicals and just stick to a

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