Molly Cyrus Analysis

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The song “Molly Cyrus” by Stitches is a popular rap song among college students. I am a big fan of rap music and Stitches is one of my favorite rappers along with Kanye West and Gucci Mane. Normally I would not listen to a song that is so explicit, but I literally cannot escape this song. “Molly Cyrus” is played at every frat party and always comes on when I am riding with my friends in the car. After reading the prompt for this assignment I thought I would take a closer look at the lyrics in this vulgar song.

In the song, Stitches talks about how if he was given the opportunity to have sex with any pop star he would choose Miley Cyrus. This song also advocates for the use of drugs like MDMA and Cocaine. Stitches literally says “I love cocaine ‘cause it got me feelin like I’m Superman”. The way that Stitches administers his drug is
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You would think that girls would condemn this song, but most of the girls I know have this song on their spotify playlist. This song degrades women and explicitly promotes rape culture. This song does not say anything about Miley’s looks or personality, it reduced Miley to a piece of “ass” that Stitches is welcome to penetrate whenever he pleases. Stitches literally says “Ima put my d*** up in your ass and it ain’t coming out”. So how could so many people like a song that is literally about raping a celebrity? Normalizing this disgusting behavior contributes to violence against women.
College age women are the most likely demographic to be sexually assaulted so it is really upsetting to me that women sing and dance along to a song that promotes rape. The song “Molly Cyrus” does not show women in a positive light and promotes sexual violence. After listening closely to the lyrics I will ask people to turn off this vulgar song next time I hear someone play it because this song will only negatively impact my
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