Molly Levy Is A Dancer Essay

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Molly Levy is a dancer, and occasional choreographer, who has been trained classically, as well as trained in modern dance. She is an alumna of The Alvin Alley School of Dance in New York City, although she began her classical training when she was six, at Berkeley City Ballet, and then later at The San Francisco School Of the Arts during high school. (Molly Levy Bio) Levy now works at a place called LED, an experimental dance studio in Boise, Idaho. (Levy) (LED) Just like every artist Levy has her own specific creative style, one in which she realizes her original idea might not be the final product, and so is open to revisions to her plans while developing her first draft. (Levy) This view echoes what Bayles and Orland say about perfection: if someone tries to make each work perfect their magnum opus will be less magnificent then the magnum opus of someone who makes a hundred works, hoping some will turn out beautiful. (Bayles, 29) Though Levy’s work seems more akin to the person who tries to make a single piece of perfect work, since she will spend a substantial amount of time on one piece, I would disagree with that: every time she goes back she is open to pulling it apart completely, thus in essence creating a new piece. By rebuilding it Molly’s goals will change more often then not, but she says she always attempts to stay true to the spirit of what she wanted to say initially. When Molly works on her piece she uses techniques she has learned as a dancer: her style

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