Molly's Narrow: A Narrative Fiction

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George, a little penguin boy went to Ireland one spring to visit his aunt, uncle and cousin Molly. Molly and George were the same age. “Hey chick!” George greeted her in his usual greeting. Culturally, he was a much laid back boy and often didn’t pay much attention to the cultural aspects of society. Molly’s eyes opened wide and she looked all around, “Where? Where is it?” George shrugged, giving her a puzzled look. Molly walked around as if looking for something. George had no idea what she was looking for. Suddenly, his eyes opened wide, “Molly, look out!” He shouted. Molly had wondered into the sidewalk, right into a biker’s path. With a cry of alarm, she threw herself out of the way, only to land in a puddle. George doubled over in laughter. His cousin was so funny! Molly made a face as she tried to…show more content…
When he stopped laughing, he found Molly standing in front of him with crossed arms and tapping her foot. She sported a huge frown on is face as she asked, “You think you are so funny?” “Me? No, but you are,” George said as his laughter turned to small giggles. Molly huffed, stumped her foot and walked off. “Molly wait,” George said, running after her. “I didn’t meant it that way.” Molly glared at him from over her shoulder, “Then why do you keep saying chick, when there isn’t a chick anywhere around?” George looked at her confused, “Sure there was, you.” Molly looked even angrier, “I’m no chick!” “But you are a girl, aren’t you?” George asked, running after her again. “A chick is a baby chicken, I’m a girl and calling me that is very mean.” Molly said without stopping, or looking at him. George’s eyes widened, “In America boys often call girls chick in form of a friendly name, or friendly greeting. I didn’t know it would offend you like that.” “Well, here in Ireland, you should never address a girl like that, is mean, rude and very inappropriate.” Molly explained, finally stopping and looking at
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