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The International Research Plan and Methodology
Jignesh Thakore

Table of Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Research plan 4 2.1 Objective 4 2.2. Issues or Topic 5 3. Research methodology 7 3.2 Data collection 7 3.2.1. Secondary sources 7 3.2.2 Primary sources 8

1. Introduction

In the year 1980, Veikko Sali created and developed Molok® deep-collection system in Finland. Since that time, Molok® containers have spread across the globe and are now in over 40 countries worldwide. Molok North America Ltd. headquartered located Minount Forest, Ontario and operated since 1999.
Molok deep collection offers a clean, effective and efficient
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Research methodology *

* 3.2 Data collection Company will have to use external secondary data sources for data collection

* 3.2.1. Secondary sources

* Data collect form State government website, which include provincial rule for waste collection:-

* "Kansas Department for health and Environment "
Website: - * "Maryland department of Environment"
Website: -

* “United States Environmental Protection Agency”, this is the Governmental organisation responsible for waste disposal and recycling in the whole of United States of America.

* State government website, which provide information about different waste collection project, permitting and all other issues related to the waste collation

* For Kansas Website :- * For Maryland website:-

* Government Report and statistics available related to waste disposal and recycling. * For Kansas Website :- * For Maryland Website :- * 3.2.2

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