Mom And Babies Program : Mothers And Mothers

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Mom and Babies Program
Incarcerated Pregnant Women A growing number of pregnant incarcerated women and their soon to be born children now have an innovative option, often referred to as the Mom and Babies program, which puts precedence on the long term outcome of the pair. The positive result of this program over the last 5 years has encouraged several other departments to develop a similar one. The main purpose of the establishment of such a program is an attempt to strengthen family structure in hopes that this would be an effective way to reduce recidivism. Although quite new, the results have shown a promising future for the continuation of this program. Prison nurseries started in 1902, in New York, but the next nursery would not be built until much later, in 1994, in Nebraska. Since the 1990s the idea of prison nurseries has become more widely accepted and at least 7 new facilities have opened. Over the more recent years, programs have been formed to build a network of support for moms and babies. The push behind this, perhaps, had to do with the rise of the prison population of parents as stated by Herman (2001) “The number of children with incarcerated parents rose 60 percent in the 1990s and by 1999, affected one of every 50 children. The prison population grew at nearly that time pace 62 percent-during that period…Of the nation’s 72 million minor children (up to age 17), an estimated 2 percent had incarcerated parents” (p.128).

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